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September 15th, 2007, 7:21 pm

Chptr 2!!!

Yay i've finally started chapter two!!

Well so far all thats up is the chptr art but still..

Ermm people wanted to join so lets give a round of applause for Liam, Alex, Danielle and Katrina! Oh And linns still there, she just dyed her hair brown so i thought id update her =)

Okay so I know Alex, Danielle, Katrina and Linn happen to not go to mine, justin, spencer, jordan and liam's school (linn happens to no longer be on the same continent as us) but for the sake of the comic just pretend they do.

Aight? SO new pages should be up soon - ish, and if you want an email notification of new comics just let me know =)

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